Recorded Event – Private Label Consumer Products at Amazon; Friend or Foe


Executives of consumer brands that actively sell on Amazon in the apparel or beauty categories and are concerned about the impact of private label brands on their business. Retail and consumer product company executives who are interested in learning more about Amazon and its private label business.


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This Insight is a one-hour conversation designed to help industry professionals who are building strategies around selling on Amazon but have concerns with competition from private label offerings in their categories. We will explore Amazon’s private label activity in the apparel and beauty categories. We will also discuss trends, risks and opportunities for brands currently selling on Amazon as well as for brands competing with Amazon through their own e-commerce channels.

More specific details on the questions this discussion will cover are outlined below.

This discussion will be a moderated chat between three talented professionals in the space. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions prior to and during the conversation to help focus the conversation based on their specific interest. The discussion area will remain open after the chat for additional Q&A.


The first expert, Yana Averbukh is a retail executive with expertise in brick and mortar, e-commerce and wholesale in areas including: retail and wholesale planning, strategy, data analytics,, merchandising, store management, and operations for luxury and mass merchant retailers and brands such as Elie Tahari, Chanel, Lord & Taylor, Kellwood & Bloomingdale’s. Yana has a successful track record in point-of-sale systems implementations, business analysis, vendor management, logistics and supply chain finance, inventory management, real estate development, digital marketing, e-commerce, green retail, sustainable retail and entrepreneurship.

The second expert, Michael Yanez is an expert in digital sales & marketing primarily focused on Amazon and DTC management. He helps various large and small CPG brands with go-to-market and omni-channel strategies. Michael has worked in over 20 different industry categories and has represented a wide range of leading CPG brands as part of a branding firm or independently as a contractor.

The third expert, Todd Serulneck is a CFO providing CFO and consulting services across various industries including retail and consumer products. He previously served as a divisional CFO for Walmart and in a financial management role at Office Depot. Todd currently specializes in SaaS-based and consumer product businesses where he has over ten years of success growing sales and profits.

Todd will facilitate the discussion and will ensure that the dialogue answers key questions, help professionals understand important changes and trends in the market with a goal to produces actionable insights that professionals can use to build their respective businesses. Particular areas the experts will cover include:

1. Background on Amazon private label (how big in terms of overall Amazon sales, how many brands, what categories etc.) and success that Amazon has had in private label

2. The strategy behind Amazon private label offerings

3. How does Amazon private label impact established brands? What are such brands doing?

4. How does Amazon’s private label work vs. traditional private label such as Target and Walmart. eg: manufacturing? revenue and profit for brands?

5. What are the successful private label brands on Amazon? Why are they successful?

6. What are the benefits of doing Amazon private label for brands? Eg: Data, revenue growth, branding etc. How big are these benefits?

7. What categories do you expect to be next for Amazon private label?

8. Reasons brands fear a private label on Amazon? What is the lesson for these companies from private label developments so far?

9. What are the disadvantages for seller? Any examples where a brand suffered a blow after introducing private label on Amazon? What can companies do to mitigate risks?

10. Does the seller’s relationship with Amazon matter in these situations (Wholesale, Seller-Central, Fulfillment by Amazon)?

11. Any retailer conflict—”won’t my other partners be upset that I am on amazon?”

12. Can you say something about the beauty segment on Amazon as most apparel companies may view beauty as a close category they may enter?

13. Actions for sellers in categories with private label.

14. Closing comments on outlook for the next 5 years along with what companies should watch for?

All attendees are identified by first name, project name, or pseudonym to ensure confidentiality and enable an open, bias-free dialog. Sanitized bios of attendees are available for those who join to facilitate a productive and quality experience for everyone.

If you have questions you would like answered, we encourage you to begin asking online at any point after you join. Not only will you be presented with answers to questions that are important to you, but you will also be afforded the opportunity to glean knowledge from the experiences of others in the industry in a learning-friendly environment.


Tuesday, Jun 26, 2018 2:00 PM EST


Materials and Q&A online. Call in TBD for private analyst moderated Insight.


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