How Can I Help Your Business?

Launching a SaaS business is no small feat. Way to go!

On your journey, you may encounter stalled growth, feel deep in the weeds, or spend too much time fixing problems. You need an experienced senior executive, responsible for financial planning, managing risk, data analysis and ultimately the overall financial strength and profitability of the company.

Here are some questions to consider:

– Does your financial plan properly model the phases of growth specific to a SaaS type business?
– Does your business model support multiple pricing tiers, annual contracts, pre-payments and headcount planning?
– Do you need better cash flow planning and visibility?
– Do you need to raise capital immediately, later on, or aim for a cash flow break-even?
– Are you measuring and benchmarking your goals based on the correct KPIs?
– How long does it take to recoup customer acquisition costs?

I help companies with unique challenges to accelerate sales growth and increase profitability. As Managing Director with Acuity CFO,  I specialize in SaaS/Cloud-based businesses.   My experience on leadership teams in rapidly growing SaaS startups make me uniquely qualified to understand and implement the structure and processes necessary for continual growth.

These processes work.

As a seasoned business partner, I will help you achieve your business objectives and increase the value of your company. I pride myself on helping small and medium sized businesses identify and implement solutions to problems that have dogged them for years.

By making effective business decisions before taking decisive, sustainable action, I successfully help clients increase profits, cash flow, sales and operational efficiency.

The goal: create and sustain value from day 1!