Focus Areas

Within my practice, I have three focus areas:


Software as a Service (SaaS)

These businesses are easily scalable, have recurring revenue, and are capable of large operating margins.    Once established, they produce very predictable revenues and profits.  There is a very active market of investors and buyers for growth stage SaaS businesses.


Multi-unit businesses operate in multiple locations or multiple markets.  They have more complexity which requires additional analystics and processes, once a certain size is reached.  Frequently we see multi-channel opportunities and the option to fuel growth through franchising opportunities.

Veteran-Owned Businesses

I am honored to work with veteran-owned businesses.  To be able to work with a group of professionals who have sacrificed for this country is a privalege. In addition, veterans make great entrepreneurs.  We see great leadership skills, excellent discipline and mission focus, good team dynamics, and an ability to keep perspective and persevere.