Event – May 16th, 2018 – The B2B Solutions Group Presents “So, a lawyer, investment banker and business consultant walk into a bar….”

B2B Solutions Group Event 2017


May 16th, 2018 – The B2B Solutions Group Presents 3rd Weds Speaker Series


“So, a lawyer, investment banker and business consultant walk into a bar….”


How to prepare your company for maximum value when you are ready to sell


  • What does the current market environment look like?
  • What can companies/owners be doing now to help make sure their companies can get the best multiples?
  • What are some of the most common mistakes business owners make that can negatively impact their company’s value?
  • What is the process for selling, and appropriate time to prepare?
  • What team members (internal and external) do I need to be most successful in the sale of my company?


B2B Solutions Group May 2018 Panel Brandy Milazzo, Scott Upton, and Glen Raiger

B2B Solutions Group May 2018 Panel
Brandy Milazzo, Scott Upton, and Glen Raiger

Brandy Milazzo, Scott Upton, and Glen Raiger


  • Wednesday, May 16, 2018
    • 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM EST


BECO Plaza Conference Center
9101 Southern Pine Boulevard
1st Floor
Charlotte, NC 28273

Lunch will be provided. Please email tserulneck@acuity.co if you have special meal needs.


Brandy Milazzo

Brandy is a founding partner with Milazzo Webb.  She brings big firm expertise to companies looking for small firm values.

At Milazzo Webb Law, PLLC, we offer you the superior service and quality of a large law firm, but are committed to developing the deeper relationships associated with a smaller one. With our familial atmosphere, client-first philosophy and experienced attorneys, we offer a unique client experience. We work hand-in-hand with you to fully understand the impact of legal disputes on your business or family, so that we can provide you with a professional — yet personal — resolution. The combination of sound legal knowledge, in-depth understanding of your needs and sensitivity to deal and personality dynamics makes us your trusted advisor, a role we take very seriously.

Scott Upton

Mr. Upton is Managing Director and Principal with ICG Capital. His current responsibilities with ICG cover all aspects of the transaction process from origination to execution of merger and acquisition and private financing transactions.

Mr. Upton has advised on over 150 transactions with an aggregate value of over $750,000,000 including numerous sale assignments, buy-side transactions, private placements and various strategic advisory assignments across a broad range of industries. Selected industry experience includes substantial experience in advising companies in the Healthcare, Business Services and Industrial marketplaces with additional experience across many different industries. Prior to his association with ICG Capital, Mr. Upton managed the Corporate Finance Group for a regional investment banking firm. In that capacity he was responsible for all merger and acquisition advisory, private placement and strategic advisory services. Prior to joining that firm, Mr. Upton served as Managing Director of MAI Capital Markets, an investment banking firm focused on mergers and acquisitions in the Financial Institutions market, as well as a variety of other industries. Clients at MAI included The Money Store, SouthTrust Bank and a variety of regional and commercial mortgage banks. Mr. Upton is also on the board of Carolina Raptor Center, and advisor to Nascent Technologies and is involved with other community and civic organizations. Mr. Upton has completed several different negotiation programs sponsored by Harvard Business School and is a yearly participant in the “Entrepreneurship through Acquisition” program at Harvard Business School.

Mr. Upton earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance from West Virginia University.

Glen Raiger

Glen Raiger is a diverse industry entrepreneur and executive with over 35 years of consistent successes leading, designing and executing growth and value creation strategies.  As an experienced and successful entrepreneur and CEO of his own companies and a division president for small to mid-size to fortune 1,000 companies, Mr. Raiger brings his clients a unique perspective that allows him to fully understand and relate to the issues and challenges owners must deal with when seeking to grow their businesses.

Through Mr. Raiger’ leadership and creativity, he has consistently had direct impact on the growth of revenues and enhancing enterprise value. Mr. Raiger uses a process that focuses on development of strategic initiatives supported with operational excellence. The process places emphasis on the execution and measuring of clearly defined CPI’s and KPI’s all converging to drive value creating Milestones.  Using a blend of his “Service and Products Continuum model”, strategic acquisitions, geographic diversification and expansion and enhanced organic growth, Mr. Raiger leads the process of developing both new and expanded sources of revenue thereby driving company growth and increasing the enterprise value. For the growth strategies to be most effective and properly executed, careful consideration of core infrastructure and “scalability” of the company operations is essential.  Achieving operational excellence requires focused planning and clearly stated objectives that bring the strategic, tactical and operational elements into complete alignment.  Mr. Raiger also has significant international business experience which includes forming strategic alliances, making strategic acquisitions and starting new businesses in Asia, South America, Mexico and Northern Europe.

Throughout his career, Mr. Raiger has provided the leadership to develop and execute strategic, tactical and operational strategies which accelerated sales growth and improved company performance and profitability. As a partner and Division President he was responsible for developing and launching what became KOLL Corporate and Business Service Company’s fastest growing division contributing 30% of the company revenues within 3 years of launch.  He executed a national and international industry consolidation acquisitions strategy acquiring 26 companies that significantly contributed to revenue growth from $15 million to over $600 million within 7 years.  Mr. Raiger developed what he now calls the “Service and Product Continuum Model”, and launched initiatives that introduced the company’s existing business lines into 23 new domestic markets, 9 international markets and created 3 new” silo” service lines.  He expanded the company throughout Asia and South America setting up the first wholly owned Facilities and Real Estate Services Company in China.  The company was sold to CBRE in 1997 for $250 million.

As an owner/ investor and CEO, Mr. Raiger lead the product and business development strategies for both an early stage waste water technology business and an early stage B2B and B2C Consumer Internet business.  Both strategies resulted in sales growth increases of 40% annually for the water Tech Company and an extraordinary three year growth from $9.5 million to $38 million for the Internet business. He also led the strategy to develop new technology, introduce new products and services and established a global JV with a major French conglomerate that led to opening new international markets.

Mr. Raiger sold the Water Tech business to US Filter Corporation and the B2B Internet Commerce business to Homestore. A third company in which he invested and was CEO was a Fiber Optic Switching Tech company that he built and sold to Marconi Electric.

In each of these three businesses Mr. Raiger secured private equity capital partners all of who received significant returns on their investments.

Mr. Raiger offers his clients a unique blend and diversity in both industries and functional disciplines.  His diverse industry experience ranges from business equipment and services, real estate services, facility outsourcing services, consumer products and branding, internet B2B and B2C, fiber optics, water technology, IT and technology services and sales, telecom and copier products, auto assembly tools distribution to dry good food manufacturing products. Combined with 32 acquisitions and global market expertise he has developed the ability to quickly identify growth and value drivers regardless of the industry or business position. With larger corporate experience and as an owner and CEO of his own businesses, Mr. Raiger’ client’s benefit from an advisor and consultant who has sat in their chair three times and scaled both small and large companies to create significant enterprise value.

At the Core of Mr. Raiger’ strategy is development of a Growth and Value Creation strategic plan and map.  This document is then used to execute on targeted KPI’s and CPI’s to achieve plan objectives.

Because Mr. Raiger has been both a seller and buyer of businesses as a principal and owner he brings a unique perspective to owners considering a possible exit.  It is critical to have a focused plan in place when considering an exit to ensure maximum value and preservation of legacy is achieved.  Mr. Raiger is not an Investment Banker although he works with IB’s when an exit strategy can best be served by engaging a firm.  He maintains strategic relationships with a number of Investment Banking firms and private equity firms.  Mr. Raiger acts as an “INSIDER” focused on the hard and soft goals of an owner relating directly to those goals as an owner seller and buyer himself.  It is  not just all about the transaction.

Mr. Raiger holds a triple bachelor’s degree in Management Science, Economics and International Business from Carnegie-Mellon University and a graduate of the Executive Management Program at the Wharton School of Business.  He has served on numerous Boards of Directors for both domestic and international companies classified as start-up, early stage, middle market and larger cap companies.

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