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Event - B2B Solutions Group

Event – July 19th, 2017 – B2B Solutions Group Presents Tim Ledwein

Business owners only please. July 19th, 2017 – B2B Solutions Group Presents Tim Ledwein TOPIC: How To Ask For Referrals and What’s Holding You Back? KEY POINTS: The 3 Reasons Why People Fail The Comfort Zone Sphere What makes a good introduction? SPEAKER: Tim Ledwein, Owner/President, Sandler Training by i10 Solutions With over 27 years
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Artificial Intelligence Primer

A Great AI Primer for the Rest of Us

Many of us, myself included, end up in coversations with data scientists and software developers where artificial-intelligence is at the heart of the SaaS company’s technology.  It helps to have a quick read so you can follow along a bit as they explain the stuff in the black box.  This series of four articles by
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5 Ways to Drive Quick Profits

Many SaaS business startups find themselves in a situation where we are generating some cash, but need a little more to break-even or to fund some additional spend.  This is what I call SaaS Quick Profits. Once our operation is running and generating revenue, there are ways to get a quick boost in cash flow
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Level Up a SaaS Business

What if we knew which SaaS customers were most likely to grow your sales the most or generate the most profit?  If we had that information, what action would we take? Sometimes as business owners we cannot see the forest because of the trees.  Well, let me introduce you to a little trick called customer
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Raising Capital Checklist

Raising capital is one of the four most stressful events for a growing business. Once a business has committed to a capital raise, there is a significant investment of time and resources.  There is also risk should the raise be unsuccessful or occur for less than desirable terms.  I am happy to provide this handy
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Veteran Owned Business Support

Proud to Support Veteran-Owned Businesses

I am proud to be working with veteran entrepreneurs and business owners. It is an honor to support those who have made sacrifices to defend the freedoms we enjoy. Veteran Entrepreneurs When you look at veterans, there are attributes that make them very suited to business ownership. Here are just a few: Mission-focus with a
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Multi-Unit Business Expansion

Why so many businesses stay mom & pop? Considerations for multi-unit business expansion.

Technology reduces tasks in many areas of business today making it much easier for companies to expand. Growth can increase brand recognition, build value for employees and customers, create a wider range of products and services for a larger geographic area, and generate economies of scale. However, there are still many challenges to prepare for
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SaaS: Learn to Fight Like the Dragon or Get Impaled by a Unicorn

In a prior posting, You Don’t Have to Be a Unicorn to Be a Great SaaS Company, I discussed that our SaaS company doesn’t have to be a unicorn to be worthwhile.  However, we will need to protect it from getting impaled by the rare beast.  In a world where software development is becoming a
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You Don’t Have to Be a Unicorn to Be a Great SaaS Company

There are many articles about rare Unicorn startups rapidly growing to $1 billion in revenue, but what if your company goal isn’t to be a Unicorn?  What guidelines and rules will help get your SaaS business on a path toward success on a smaller scale? A Healthy SaaS Business fundamentals still apply.  A team of carefully selected
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Software-as-a-Service Startups: Positioning for Growth

Many Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) startups seem to follow similar growth phases that take a year or two to complete. You begin determining the value of your product and business services by defining the product, pricing, the targeted consumer, and financing. Aside from your own financial contributions, you are going to need a chunk of capital to
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