A Great AI Primer for the Rest of Us

Artificial Intelligence Primer

Many of us, myself included, end up in coversations with data scientists and software developers where artificial-intelligence is at the heart of the SaaS company’s technology.  It helps to have a quick read so you can follow along a bit as they explain the stuff in the black box.  This series of four articles by Anand Rao at PwC is relatively accessible for most.  See links below.


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Demystifying machine learning part 1

What you need to know about machine learning and how it can help companies achieve their growth goals.

Source: Rao, A. 2015. usblogs.pwc.com/emerging-technology/demystifying-machine-learning/


Demystifying machine learning part 2: Supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning

What do all technology innovators have in common? These three guiding principles.

Source: Rao, A. 2015. usblogs.pwc.com/emerging-technology/demystifying-machine-learning-part-2-supervised-unsupervised-and-reinforcement-learning/


Demystifying machine learning: Part 3 — Exploring deep learning

What exactly is "deep learning" and what accounts for its rapid rise in popularity and media coverage?

Source: Rao, A. 2016. usblogs.pwc.com/emerging-technology/demystifying-machine-learning-part-3-exploring-deep-learning/


Demystifying machine learning part 4: Image and video applications

Some firms are using machine learning to process large amounts of unstructured data, but it’s not widespread—yet.

Source: Rao, A. 2016. usblogs.pwc.com/emerging-technology/practical-applications-of-deep-learning-in-image-and-video-recognition-demystifying-machine-learning-part-4/

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